Using a Video animation to expand your business is a marvelous way of promoting sales. Video animations today are being extensively used by budding business owners. They help to convert Users into potential customers. Video animations help to increase the aesthetic value of content. This can actually attract the customers towards the product. This is because the more animations you put, the more the customers will be allured towards the product. Sometimes words themselves cannot express the whole message. This is the reason, why producing video animations becomes imperative for a business to adopt. Creating an interesting animation can highly enrich the traffic of your company’s website .This subsequently, leads to more and more conversions. Today, competition has increased to a great extent in this modern scenario. So every business unit wants to expand itself to maximize their profit. ADVANTAGES OF USING ANIMATED VIDEOS: Words cannot make a huge impact on the viewers mind as a video can. Animated video can leave a deep impact on the mind of the viewers. As a result, the message conveyed by the website or advertisement can be easily retained in the minds of the viewers. Sometimes the customers fall out of their purchasing power. They do not have enough amount of money to spend on a product. But some product can greatly fanaticize them. They buy the product even beyond their purchasing capacity. There are many kinds of animated videos that are used in a business. For example explainer videos, whiteboard video animation, 3D and 2D videos. Animated videos can result in increasing the interactivity level among the consumers since they are more interested in viewing the product that quickly catches their attention. Whiteboard video animations include stories that are related to the product and their usage in practical life by the customers. It is an extremely interesting way that encompasses a short explanation about the product. Such animations usually last for about two to five minutes. It can prove to be an incredible tool. This is because such animations can explain the product thoroughly on the basis of statistics and graphics. FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED WHILE CREATING ANIMATED VIDEOS There are ample factors that a business needs to consider while making video animations. Be it explainer videos or any other. For a budding business owner such factors need to be highly emphasized upon. USAGE: The first and foremost thing to be considered while creating a video animation is to decide whether such video will be displayed in the homepage or in a presentation. The usage depends on the kind of business one owns. OBJECTIVE /PURPOSE The second thing that needs to be considered is the main goal or the objective of the video. Sometimes there are some videos which are intended to educate the viewers, while some are created actually for conversions. 3. DURATION OF THE VIDEO The standard time limit of a video animation should be two minutes. It should not exceed more than two minutes as this creates a bad impact and is highly dangerous for the business. Apart from this, one more factor should also be considered. It should always be made sure that the video must contain the key point. Nothing should be over-exaggerated.

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